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A Few Words about Pine Tar Soap

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

When I first started making soap, a co-worker suggested that I try making pine tar soap. At that time I didn't know anything about pine tar soap so I did some research and formulated a recipe. Our recipe has evolved a bit in the years since that first batch but it has become a best seller as well as a personal favorite soap ever since that first batch. If I'm not testing a new recipe, Grattan Creek's pine tar soap is my personal go to bath soap.

Grattan Creek Handcrafted Pine Tar Soap is made with a proprietary blend of vegetable oils and the highest quality pine tar available, processed with high purity sodium hydroxide lye. Our pine tar soap is a black soap with a rich, smokey pine scent. While you might expect from the scent that it would be a harsh or aggressive, it is not. It's actually quite smooth and mild and is a great every-day soap. We cure all our soaps for a minimum of two months before selling to assure that you get a hard, smooth, long-lasting bar of soap every time.

The origins of pine tar soap go back hundreds of years. Some sources say that the use of pine tar in soap originated in Scandinavia. We know that pine tar soap was commonly used in colonial times here in the United States. Pine tar soap can be tricky to make so many artisan soap makers don't make it. As such it can be hard to find at your local market. (Fortunately, Grattan Creek Handcrafted Pine Tar Soap is available through our web site at a reasonable price with quick shipping.)

Pine tar soap has a long history as a traditional remedy for skin conditions such as rashes, bug bites and even as a treatment for eczema. Even today there are doctors, dermatologists and pharmacists that suggest using pine tar soap as part of a treatment regimen for some skin conditions.

At Grattan Creek we are not doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, etc. As such we cannot and do not make any claims that our pine tar soap, or any of our soaps, are effective remedies for any medical conditions. If you have skin conditions or sensitivities, we encourage you to talk to your doctor and do your own research before using any soap as a treatment or remedy.

Pine tar has many other uses besides being used as a soap ingredient. Its antifungal and anti-microbial properties are key in making it effective for protecting exposed wood against the ravages or weather, insects and rot. While most rope is synthetic these days, pine tar was once commonly used as a preservative for natural ropes. Those same properties make it

an effective treatment in some cases for horses hooves. As another veterinary use, pine tar is claimed by some farmers to be useful to deter pecking by chickens or other birds and help protect pecking injuries and promote healing.

A more controversial use for pine tar is in baseball as treatment for gloves and bats. In this case, we suggest you check your local rules and perhaps limit your sportsing use of pine tar to using Grattan Creek Handcrafted Pine Tar Soap for your after game shower.

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