Olive Oil Castile

Olive Oil Castile

Pure olive oil Castile soap is a different experience than most other soaps. Olive oil Castile soap is an incredibly gentle soap with a creamy, silky-smooth lather. It is possibly the most gentle lye-based soap you can get and is a good choice for those of us with sensitive or dry skin. 


If you find most soaps harsh or drying, you owe it to yourself to try this soap.


What does Castile mean?
The definition of a Castile soap has changed over time. Traditionally, a Castile soap was made with olive oil as the only fat and was a popular soap in the Mediteranean area, where olives were plentiful. This was in a time when most soaps were made with animal fats as animal fats were more widely available and less expensive. Castile refers to the Castile region in Spain. These days, marketing has taken the term Castile soap to describe pretty much any liquid soap using any number of vegetable oils. 


This soap is our take on the traditional Castile soap. We use highly refined olive oil as the only oil and a few natural ingredients to make our soap. Many soap makers don't make pure olive il soaps as they require a much longer cure time. Most lye based bar soaps are at their best after 6 to 8 weeks of curing. Olive oil bar soaps require 6 to 8 months before they are ready to use. 


Handcrafted Olive Oil Castile Soap is made with; Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Sodium Lactate, Natural Colors and Rosemary Oleoresin Extract.


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