Grattan Creek Wood Shop

Grattan Creek doesn't just make soap. We also have a wood shop.
Here are some of the items we have been creating. 


Click or tap pictures for descriptions.

Most items that are currently for sale will be listed in the shopping cart. 
Shipping Policy; Items in this gallery may not qualify for free or flat-rate shipping. Large, heavy and odd sized pieces can be more expensive to ship so shipping for wood shop gallery items may be quoted shipping on an order-by-order basis.


Maple YB 5 1
Poplar YB 1 1
Maple YB 4 1
Maple Basic Bowl 1 1
Maple Basic Bowl 1 2
Bag Dryer 1 2
Bag Dryer 1 3
Walnut bowl 1.JPG
Walnut bowl 2.JPG
Peppermill mahog 1.JPG
Yarn bowls 2.JPG
Ash platter one.JPG
Ash platter two.JPG
Mahogany bowl.JPG
Mahog bowl 2a.JPG
Mahog bowl 2b.JPG
Cherry bowl too.JPG
lg syc bowl too.JPG
Lg syc bowl.JPG
Med syc bowls one.JPG
med syc bowls too.JPG
Small syc bowl.JPG
Sm syc bowl too.JPG
boxes 1.JPG
boxes 2.JPG
cherry box.JPG
Salt Pinch Bowl 1.JPG
Salt Pinch Bowl 1o.JPG
Salt Pinch Bowl 2.JPG
Salt Pinch Bowl 2o.JPG
Salt Pinch Bowl 5.JPG
Salt Pinch Bowl 5o.JPG
Salt Pinch Bowl 6.JPG
Salt Pinch Bowl 6o.JPG
Oak platter.JPG
Oak platter side.JPG
Sm oak plat 4.JPG
Sm oak plat 1.JPG
Sycamore cup.JPG
Sycamore cup 2nd view.JPG
Pine stick.JPG
Oak bowl 2c.JPG
Oak Bowl 2a.JPG
Oak Bowl 1d.JPG
Oak Bowl 1a.JPG
Maple NE 1.JPG
Ash bowl 3a.JPG
Ash bowl 3b.JPG
Cherry Platter 1a.JPG
Cherry platter 1b.JPG
Cherry platter 2b.JPG
Maple platter multi edge.JPG
Cherry platter 2a.JPG
Oak bowl 4d.JPG
Oak bowl 4a.JPG
Oak bowl 3c.JPG
Oak Bowl 3a.JPG
Hickory YB 1 1
Maple lg NE bowl 1 4.JPG
Grinder 1a.jpg
BBQ hooks Sold.jpg
Maple NE 2a Sold.jpg
Maple NE 2c Sold.jpg
Maple platter 2 4 Sold.jpg
Maple platter 2 3 sold.jpg
Maple platter 1 1 Sold.jpg
Maple platter 1 2 Sold.jpg
Salt Pinch Bowl 3 Sold.jpg
Salt Pinch Bowl 3o Sold.jpg
Salt Pinch Bowl 4 Sold.jpg
Salt Pinch Bowl 4o Sold.jpg
BBQ hook oak 2.JPG
BBQ hook oak 1.JPG